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Unarmed Core Subjects Entry Level (DCJS 01E)

Course Duration: 18 Hours, two days in our Alexandria Campus.


Course Outline

1. Course Orientation - 2 hours

2. Virginia Laws and Regulation Relating to private security services.- 4 hours

3. Security Patrol, Access Control, and  Communications - 2 hours

4. Documentation - 4 hours

5. Emergency Procedures - 4 hours

6. Confrontation Management - 2 hours


Course Objectives

1. At the completion of this course, students will understand the laws,and codes of

of Virginia

2. Understand all of the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services regulations regarding providing security services in Virginia

3. Understand the duties and responsibilities of private security officers

4. Understand the Code of Ethics

5. Understand the Virginia Law fundamentals (Constitution, Court Systems, due process, classifications of crimes, probable cause, search and seizure)

6. Understand the Civil liability

7. Understand How to provide courtroom testimony.

8. Understand Harassment and discrimination.

9. Understand Security patrols, access control, perimeter patrol

10. Understand how to conduct proper property control

11. Understand Security equipment.

12. Understand defensive and control procedures

13. Understand alternatives to confrontation

14. Understand effective communication.

15. Understand report writing and field documentation.

16. Understand emergency procedures (fire, chemical hazard, medical, bombs, and  natural disaster.






Unarmed Core Subjects In-Service (DCJS 01i)


At the end of this course, participants will understand:


1. The role of the security officer, and patrolling techniques.

2. Who security officers serves.

3.The many diverse duties of a security officer and Summarize the history of private security services in Communication,


Observing & Reporting techniques.


This course will also discuss the role of the private security officer, according to Virginia Regulations and Legal Authority. Please understand that the overall goal of a private security officer is to eliminate and prevent crime.


Participants will learn the motives behind patrol and patrol techniques that makes security officers to be more alert, observant, communicate and write accurate report on duty.


EXAMINATION: At the end of the course, participants will be required to complete  an exam.

Participants must achieve a passing score of 90% or above to successfully complete the course.


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